1929 Mask launches mask extender for muslims wearing hijabs

Singapore, 15 May 2020 – Singapore start-up 1929 Mask has launched a mask extender for people who wear a headdress, including Muslim women who find it difficult to put on a mask with their hijabs or head covers.

 The 1929 Mask extender comes in the form of a slim, adjustable band that is slid through the ear loops of a face mask and secured around the headdress at the back of the wearer’s head.

It addresses the problem many Muslim women have in wearing a face mask as their ears are covered by the hijab, and they find it inconvenient to remove the head cover before they can take off the mask to drink or eat. The extender allows the ear loops of the mask to be secured outside the head scarf, making it easy to take off the mask with the hijab intact.

The extender is made from the same soft, stretchable and water-repellent fabric used to create 1929’s masks.

1929 Mask is an offshoot of family-owned textile manufacturer Rengitex. Its three-ply masks are water-repellent, antimicrobial and comfortable. It is one of the few masks in the market that have been treated with benzalkonium chloride, the same chemical used in hand sanitisers to kill germs, as well as water-repellent agents.

Keenon Lee, founder of 1929 Mask, said: “1929 Mask is a company founded on the idea that if society has a need, we want to be able to use our business expertise and experience to find a solution. It was what got us to quickly diversify from fabric manufacturing into mask making at a time when countries around the world were running short of masks.

“Our latest innovation, the 1929 Mask extender, addresses the need of some of our customers who, for religious or cultural reasons, have to wear a headdress.

We are pleased that we can do our part to make mask wearing convenient for this group of users.”

The 1929 Mask extender, which can be used with other brands of masks, will also benefit those who need a better fit for their masks or find it difficult to keep the loops securely around their ears. 

The accessory comes with black or blue straps and silver buckles and is available for sale at www.1929mask.com. It is sold together with a 1929 Mask for an additional S$2 or bought separately for S$4. A version with gold buckles is now available for pre-order at the same price and actual sales will begin on 18 May.

For more information, please contact us at info@1929mask.com.