NEW - 1929 Mask Extender

Many people who don a headdress for religious or cultural reasons, including Muslim women who wear a hijab, find it a challenge to use a face mask.

As most face masks are worn by looping over the ears, and the hijab covers the entire head and the ears, it makes it difficult for a Muslim woman to use a mask.

The 1929 Mask Extender solves this problem. It extends the ear loops of the mask to allow the latter to be worn over the hijab. That way, the hijab wearer can remove the face mask quickly and easily.

It’s adjustable

The extender can be adjusted to fit the size of a person’s head. As such, it can also be used by anyone who finds the adults or kid size mask too small for his or her purpose.

It’s comfortable

It is made from the same soft, stretchable and water-repellent fabric used in 1929’s masks.

It’s durable

The extender’s metal buckle is the same as those used to adjust the straps of swimwear. This means that you can wash the 1929 Mask Extender frequently without damaging it easily.

It’s easy to use

Just slide and snap. It’s that simple. Watch our video here.

It’s flexible

The 1929 Mask Extender can be used with other brands of masks. It also benefits those who need a better fit for their masks or find it difficult to keep the loops securely around their ears.

Try it today.