Social Responsibility

Migrant workers and the elderly wearing 1929’s BAC-treated masks.

Social Responsibility

At 1929 Mask, we believe in the positive outcomes of people helping people and are committed to sharing our resources.

Covid-19 Care

We are privileged to be able to do our part amid the spread of Covid-19 around the world. During this challenging and worrisome period, many in our society still do not have access to masks, much less quality ones. We believe everyone has the right to be well protected against the virus and feel safe when they have to leave the house.

For every two of our masks sold, 1929 gives one mask to foreign workers through the Migrant Workers’ Centre and also the elderly through Lions Club. We also donated water-repellent fabric to make hijabs to a hospital in Malaysia.

It’s in Our DNA

We recognize that even the smallest contribution counts. Rengitex, our family company and fabric supplier, has been helping the community in different ways over the past two decades. The company has given clothes, blankets and bedding to children in remote areas of Tibet. In Malaysia, where its factory is located, Rengitex has contributed funds to needy students, helped pay for the construction of school buildings, and donated rice to an orphanage. Staff have also prepared food and organized events for the elderly in Singapore through Lions Clubs.

Paying It Forward

1929 Mask is committed to looking for opportunities to make a difference to the community. Our desire is for the business to leave a positive impact. We are in talks on ways to help other at-risk groups. If you have ideas on how we can work together, do reach out and let us know.