What We Stand For

Migrant workers wearing 1929’s BAC-treated masks. Migrant workers wearing 1929’s BAC-treated masks.

The 1929 Mask business was borne out of our desire to do something for our community during the Covid-19 pandemic that has upended many lives in so many ways.

The worldwide shortage of surgical masks for healthcare workers was very much in the news and we wanted to see how we could make use of our fabric manufacturing expertise and production capabilities to help make reusable face masks for people outside the healthcare industry so they are not snapping up surgical masks and depriving doctors, nurses and other people on the frontline of the Covid-19 battle of the necessary protection.

We believe that to operate our business successfully, we have to be committed to long-term values that integrate sustainability in how we do our business, how we treat our customers, employees, business partners, suppliers and importantly too, how we treat the planet that sustains life for all of us.