Our Brand Story

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a lot of panic—understandably so.

People are worried about their health. They’re concerned about their loved ones, their jobs, and the changing socioeconomic landscape. They’re grappling with a great deal of uncertainty.

This uncertainty has trickled down to personal protective equipment like face masks.

Now, I come from a family of fabric manufacturers. And as the founder of 1929 Mask, I’ve noticed that people have been scrambling to buy masks.

It makes perfect sense that people want to protect themselves. Masks may seem like a simple solution. That said, we have to be mindful of the current situation. We have to make informed decisions, consider the impact of our choices, and avoid putting too much pressure on the healthcare system. 

We must navigate the mask crisis here in Singapore.

When the Singaporean government announced their plans to manufacture masks right here in our country, initially I was ecstatic. Immediately, my team dived deep into the design process, and we started manufacturing reusable cloth masks.

But then we realized something.

We realized there were also a number of fake masks circulating, and that these masks were actually increasing the load on our nation’s medical system.

Far too many masks were simply inadequate. Some were even making people sick because they were wearing them for too long.

1929 Mask has developed a solution.

We deeply value your health. That’s what we’re here for. And at 1929 Mask, we are committed to educating and serving consumers here in Singapore.

It’s vital that people recognize surgical masks belong in a hospital setting. That they aren’t designed for daily use.

Our masks, on the other hand, are completely safe for everyday use.

1929 Mask’s science-backed product is the result of decades’ experience manufacturing fabrics and partnering with renowned chemical suppliers. Using these partners’ technologies, we have created a proven product that is both safe and efficient for the public.

Introducing our reusable 3 Ply Antimicrobial Face Mask.

Water-repellant and antimicrobial, our 3 Ply Antimicrobial Face Mask kills more than 99% of bacteria. It’s designed to offer protection and bring peace of mind—to protect the greater community from health risks during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

The technology we use allows our masks to eliminate germs and fungus. Odor control, freshness, and hygiene are just some of the added benefits. And of course, the prevention of infections and cross-contamination.

Our business deeply cares about your health. This is why we manufacture our masks in an effective, long-lasting, sustainable manner—without toxicity for humans or a negative environmental impact. We do not use microcapsules, and our masks are resistant to more than 100 washes.

Does that sound reassuring? We certainly think so. And on behalf of my team, I invite you to find comfort in our masks. We designed them with your well-being in mind.

Because our goal is that together, we can work toward a brighter future.

From day one, our objective at 1929 Mask has been to strengthen communities and ease the pressure on the healthcare system.

Named after my daughter’s date of birth, the 1929 name also coincides with the year 1929—when the stock market crashed on Wall Street and the Great Depression began.

Coincidence? Not necessarily. 1929 Mask is proof that in the midst of great disaster comes hope. 

With that, we are proud to offer innovative, ecofriendly masks that will reduce stress on hospitals. It is my hope that we come out of this pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever.

Be well,

Keenon Lee

Founder of 1929 Mask